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Purchase Apollo Video Technology’s products and services using GSA’s Cooperative Purchasing Program. Available to all Federal, State, Local & Tribal Governments, under schedule 84. Click here for more information.


How to Maximize your Transit Video Surveillance System Investment

When planning an investment for transit video surveillance, the bid price should be treated as just one component of the overall purchasing strategy as operating costs vary widely. The factors that influence total cost of ownership include more than just procurement costs and strategies exist to make the most of capital grants and keep operating costs low. Download the White Paper

Best Practices for Maintaining Reliability of On-Board Equipment

Planning for equipment maintenance is an important process to ensure the best performance and optimal uptime. This white paper covers best practices to optimize performance of hard drives for mobile video surveillance systems. Download the White Paper

Protecting Onboard Video Data in Severe Collisions

Significant shock, impact, collision or fire can cause power loss, resulting in a loss of onboard video data. An Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) minimizes the risk of video loss in these types of incidents. This white paper explores situations that may put video at risk and a method to prevent loss of data. Download the White Paper