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First Responder Solutions

Highest Reliability, Lowest Cost of Ownership

Designed to provide years of high quality and reliable video, saving agencies time and money.

Secure Video Evidence

Password protection, watermarking and 128-bit encryption ensures video is authentic and secure.

Rugged Steel Construction

Mil-Spec and SAE rated for reliability and durability in harsh mobile environments.

High Quality, Rugged and Secure Video Evidence

The RoadRunner™ system delivers the highest quality video and audio recording. Designed and manufactured specifically for use in rugged mobile applications, the system provides years of recording at the lowest cost of ownership. Featuring user-friendly, license-free software, the system is designed to provide easily-accessible, secure video evidence.


RoadRunner System

  • High Resolution Video
  • Industry-Leading Performance
  • Advanced Network Capabilities


  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Low-Light Recording to 0 Lux
  • Interior and Exterior Options for Mounting Locations